Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My On Ringo Lake- A Quiltville Mystery

 My plan is to use all stash fabrics for this quilt.  I will go through my scrap box as well to increase the variety of fabrics.  Plus it always feels good to empty a scrap box,
I went to Lowes to get the Paint Chips to help with my fabric collection.  The neutrals are very, very, very light.  I think I will use my white with black little figures along with some other lights.  I have 3 yards of a Hoffman brown with red apples that I thought I would use for the backing. I will use some of it for the front as well.

Next I looked for the melons and salmons and the aqua and turquoise fabrics. I went through my hand dyes and found some good candidates.
I found some Lava thread that I might use to quilt the top when it is done.  I have some fabrics that have both the blues and the melons.  One is of a bunch of quilt ladies.
I also have a jolly bar and two charm packs and a fat eighth bundle with some good choices.  I am looking forward to doing this mystery quilt with my sister.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

CoCheco Quilt Show 2017

I recently read a blog post by Frieda Anderson who urged people to support their local quilt shows.  She was urging people to make it to the IQF in light of the recent troubles caused by the hurricane.  I then read a an email from a local guild member alerting me to a show in Rochester NH sponsored by the Cocheco Quilt Guild.  I had to check it out.  My mother came with me because she thought she would enjoy the drive.  While I went into the show, she  amused herself by reading in the car.  I really enjoyed the show.

At the entrance was a car with a quilted cover that came from the New England Quilt Museum  that greeted you to the show.  Hung behind the individuals collecting your entrance fees was a Dear Jane quilt.  I walked around the perimeter to decide upon a strategy for viewing the show. The vendors were set around the perimeter.  The show had a number of exhibits alongside the quilts.  There were  exhibits of Challenge Quilts.  One was  based on a Robert Frost poem.,

There was a Special Exhibit.
This included a display of the artifacts of quilters other creative talents.  On display were some mystery novels from a quilter whose day job was writing mystery novels.  Such a talent pool. 

There were several Meet the Quilter displays which included an autobiographical message.

Their creations were on display.  This quilter participated in several quilting adventures including a quilt across America and several trips to Hawaii.  It was great to see the inspirations for the quilts on display.
There were a number of scrap quilts.  I recognized this rendition of Bonnie Hunter's recent Mystery quilt En Provence.

There was a hugs and kisses little bow tie scrap quilt.

And one made from small 4 patches set on point.  I keep looking at the scrap quilts thinking I just do not have enough lights to make it work.
There were a several wool applique quilts.  There was one wool on wool.

But most were wool on cotton. This one was from a pattern that I had longed to do.
 This one I admired because I am working on a wool project myself.  My circle flowers are just randomly placed.  She used clumps of color families that I quite liked.

I took close ups of the stitching that I might use as a reference.  I should print them off as a collection and put them with my embroidery books.

This quilt was made to acknowledge the fact that the quilter and spouse had climbed all the mountains of NH (I'm guessing they were a certain height category.) Each mountain is embroidered with its name.
 I remember watching a Fons and Porter episode demonstrating a wagon wheel pattern like this one,
This quilt is a Karen K Stone paper pieced quilt that was made from flannels.  I have inherited a bunch of homespun and flannels and thought I may do this.

There was a Civil War inspired Row by Row with hand written messages.  I quite like quilts with writing.

 I need to seek out more local quilt shows to support.  It is worth the effort.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October OMG

My goal for this month is to finish the exterior of quadrant 3 and half of quadrant 4. That leaves the rest of quadrant 4 and all of the embroidery on the houses plus the sandwiching and quilting to finish the project. I am contemplating the quilting.  That is still quite a lot to accomplish.  I would really like to finish this quilt before the end of the year.  I anticipate holiday adventures interfering with the time I have available to work on this.

The pattern has an inner narrow raspberry border and a large blue print border.  It is to measure 65 inches by 65 inches.  That is a large wall hanging.  I could hang it over the back of a sofa or love seat and use it as a lap quilt instead of a wall hanging or I could throw it on a bed covered by a pillow sham.  Something to think about.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September OMG

I am making progress on Round the Garden.  This month's adventure included a lot of stitching fun.  The pine tree next to the lighthouse in the pattern looked like it was stem stitch, but a closer look at the original in the magazine showed me that the designer had actually used another stitch.  I decided to due laced herringbone. Part of the pleasure of this pattern is the room for one to do their own thing.  I also decided to design a different lighthouse than the one in the original. I went looking for images of actual lighthouses using my browser.  I found one that had diamonds with an anchor on it.  Here is my rendition in wool of that lighthouse.  I wanted to do something other that a tan lighthouse.  I quite like it.  

Friday, September 22, 2017

My New Favorite Thing

 I went to JoAnn Fabrics recently to look for a variegated Perle Size 5 for Quadrant 3 leaves and stems.  I decided to take advantage of the current sale on sewing supplies.  I found this hummingbird threader.  So cute and it works!!
This threader has a notch like the ones I used to use for crewel work or needlepoint.  They were much larger and meant for chenille or tapestry needles  This one works with small needles.  Hooray!  Hooray! Hooray!  I have been having trouble threading my needles and even my most thinnest wire threaders were not working with the needles I was using for my 100 weight silk thread.  The wires would break or get stuck when trying to thread my needles.  I did not think protuberance was small enough for my needles, but look.  It is.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wow Halfway or Not

Things are moving right along Round the Garden.  I was thinking I was halfway around so I thought I would note the progress.  However, I just realized that I have yet to stitch the door knobs and window panes on the houses.  I cannot claim I am halfway done with all that stitching left to do.  I have been using quite a bit of DMC Size 5 Perle Cotton.  I am thinking about buying a set of all the variegated.  I need some green variegated for quadrant 3 to finish that off.  I decided to check out my local sewing store and look to see if I can find a skein before I invest in another hunk of money into 36 skeins just to have in case I want them.  My mother already thinks I am nuts for my current thread inventory.   Back at it.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lighthouse Substitution in Round the Garden

The lighthouse in quadrant 3 pattern was created from stacked alternating light and medium tan trapezoids. Quadrant 4 lighthouse pattern is stacked white and red trapezoids.  That would mean that it is similar in color to quadrant 2 in color and similar to quadrant 4 in shape.  I went to my browser to search images of lighthouses.  I saw a blue and white stacked trapezoids with an anchor painted.  I saw another blue and white diamond patterned lighthouse.  I  decided to make a diamond lighthouse with an anchor.  I drew my version of a lighthouse so that it would conform in height with the pattern.  I used the top section of the pattern and placed it on top of my diamond patterned column.  I have still to add the embroidery elements to finish it off but I quite like the result.  Now to fill in the houses and blossoms from the lighthouse in quadrant 2 to the lighthouse in quadrant 3.

I have been working on this for 3 months.  I anticipated completing a quadrant a month but that is not happening.  Now I am hoping to be done before Thanksgiving.  That seems like a reasonable target.  So far I have most of the interior of quadrant 3 completed.  I decided to wait on the blossoms until I get the exterior  of the quadrant done so that the color choices work well.  I am headed back to quadrant 2 to work on the exterior houses and their associated blossoms.