Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back to Round the Garden

I am missing piecing on my Bernina but I need to make some progress toward my current OMG.  I have been busy working on household issues including arranging for my roof repair.  The month is half over and I have barely started.  I needed to cut some blossom parts.  I am using my Accuquilt dies and a hammer with punches.  

The little bits and pieces of wool that are left are not trash.  There are what I used to make the little circles for the blossoms ring.
Here are the results of my hammer and punch.  

I am working on the first foot of the blossom ring and it is taking some time as I think and look through my embroidery books for ideas for stitches.  
I made a bee with an oval of yellow wool, a French knot, some bullion knots and a straight stitch.  I also made a lady bug with red and black perle rayon for the bullion knots.  I am going to put some ants in at some point as well.  I used  woven circles instead of layerlng the wool circles.  I have many colors of Superior's Sew Sassy thread from which to choose.  If I keep spending so much time picking stitches I will not make much progress.  Oh well.  I am enjoying the process so I do not have to worry about the timeline.  I do like my little ladybug.  On to the next inch of blossom ring.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August OMG

I am continuing with Round the Garden.  I will be hither and yon this month so I will have little time for stitching so I will work on the wool blossoms that are to fill the green band.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July OMG Round the Garden Part B Interior 3

The original pattern has layered embroidered circles for blossoms in the basket.  I went off script and replaced them with die cut wool blossoms that were from Accuquilt's Round Flower die or Rose of Sharon dies by Sharon Pederson or Serendipity die Edyta Sitar.  My substitutions will detract from the moderne design of the original.  I hope I still like my version when it gets done.  I care naught a whit whether it is categorized as moderne, modern or traditional.  I just hope that my efforts come together in a pleasing rendition.  I am not sure I am done with the embroidery in this section.  I am going to let it alone for a spell to see if I wish to add some more.  I took out the stitching that I had place in the center of the pink blossom.
I did a heavy chain stitch in Ricky Tim's Razzle Dazzle and Sulky's variegated Overlock.  I purchased the Overlock thread by mistake.  I bought it because it was variegated. When I checked to see the weight when I got home I noticed that it was a serger thread.  I do not have a serger.  I was not sure about its characteristics but I decided it would be fine to embroider with so it made its way into my collection of threads.  

I couched a lazy daisy stitch around the heavy chain stitch in the blossoms center. I liked the stitching and the thread but I did not like the color choice so I removed it.  I may go back and fill it in with dark and light pink colonial or French knots.  Maybe  I will use some seed stitches as a filler.   I was trying to think of an outline stitch for this blossom that could smoothly surround this blossoms convex and concave exterior while fitting snuggly around the edge.  I wanted something other that the Pearl, Coral, Scroll stitching that I had already been using.  I pulled out an old publication by Coats and Clark's 150-A and found the double knot stitch.  This stitch is easy and it hugs both convex and concave.  I think you just need to keep the stitches even.  Increasing the stitch length could give a different look to this stitch.  I am sure I will start using this stitch again an again.
Come on over to Elm Street Quilts and join us by monthly goals for our quilting projects.  See what the others have accomplished.

Monday, July 3, 2017

July OMG Round the Garden continued

I need to do the blossoms in the green band under the houses in Quadrant 1.  I suspect I will need a change of pace and will work on the interior of Quadrant 2 which is a basket of flowers and some rabbits.  I also need to work on the tiny flowers growing at the base of the tree and across the lawn.  I will be away from this project and off to my other abode for a spell so I should not promise too much progress on this project.  I will miss it while I am away.  Come on over to Elm Street Quilts and join us by making monthly goals for our quilting projects.  See what the others have accomplished.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June OMG Round the Garden Progress

I am happy to report that I managed to get further than my goal this month.  I still need to finish some flowers at the base of the tree in the interior of quadrant 1 but I wanted to start working on the houses so I skipped to the exterior of quadrant 1.  This project is so much fun. come on over to Elm Street Quilts and join in the gang who make out monthly goals for our quilting projects.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Round the Garden Exterior 2

The thread assortment above is my choice for the red tree in Exterior 2.  I used the red silk to whip stitch the leaves. The reddish brown Sew Sassy was used to embellish the leaves with thorn stitch.  The other four spools of Sew Sassy are for the vein of the leaf under the thorn stitch.  I continue the couched vein and create a branch using stem stitch which then becomes the trunk of the tree.  The trunk is therefore multicolored.  I am happy with the result.  I through in the gold for kind of a highlight color.  My sister is in the process of making a quilt.  She had four different background fabrics- three grey taupes and a tan.  We were joking that the Sesame street jingle "One of these things is not like the others"  applied to the tan but thought that maybe it was okay.  Turns out that the tan added a sparkle to the quilt because it did not blend.  That was a good lesson.  I am using random lengths of thread.  Wherever the thread length ends I pick up a new color.  I am pleased with the result.  I am also very happy I bought all that Sew Sassy on sale.
I used silk ribbon for the leaves.  I need to make more leaves, more insects a bird and some stitching on the light house.  I may want to use stabilizer under the lighthouse stitching.  I could not find the pattern for the bird and I have not decided how to work the insects.  I used a gold ribbon for the insect above the tree.  I only have a little left so I my want to use it in another quadrant.  I used black rayon perle  boullion knots for the honey bee rather than backstitch.  I still have not decided on the wings.  I have some organza 9mm ribbon that I am considering using.  I wish is was 4mm.  I do like the idea of using organza ribbon.  MaybeI I will look to see if Bucilla makes a narrower size.  I will come back to Exterior 2.  Now on to Exterior 1.  I am attaching the tree and I looked up how to properly pin a wool applique patch in a browser.  I did not find anything that addressed that issue.  All I saw was instructions for fusibles, fabric tac, and glue basting.  Interesting.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Round the Garden Progress

I still have a lot more to do before the end of the month to meet my OMG but I have made good progress.  This quadrant has some bugs in the design.  I will be using my Sue Spargo embroidery books.  I know they have directions for stitching bugs.  In the meantime I will be making a lot of circle flowers.