Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Accuquilt Quandrey

I am working on the rock quilt and I decided that I wanted to Accuquilt cut the pieces for the Storm at Sea pattern.  I did not want the diamond shape to be pieced in the middle so I thought I would just fold the fabric and not cut the middle.  Hmmm?  But then I realized that if I did not have the pieced middle my pieces would be off by 1/2 and inch.  This is getting way too complicated.  I guess I will have to accept the seam in the middle unless I want to hand cut the center.  Hmmmm.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February OMG Goal

This is a photo that my nephew gave me.  He has asked me to create a quilt based on this photo of Flag Rock which is near Plymouth MA.  The rock was painted with a swastika circa WWII.  Local residents painted an American Flag on top.  To this day when the paint wears off it is repainted.  My nephew has asked me to create a quilt based on this photo.  My February goal is to create the rock portion and applique it to a background.  My plan is to use Storm-at-Sea on point as the background behind the rock.  I hope he likes the result.  I have got the rock underway and I am scanning blue fabric into my computer because I want to grey scale it to help me select appropriate values of fabric to emulate horizontal motion across the quilt. He has asked me to have this quilt done by Easter.  I have given many quilts as gifts, but I feel like this is my first commissioned work.  It is easier when it is a gift.  Come join the fun at Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal!