Friday, December 30, 2016

Embellishment Tools: Pins and Wax and Purple Thang

My sister taught me to use lots of pins to secure the wool to cotton and to press outward while stitching so that the wool will lie flat and not ripple.  She also gave me some Tulip applique pins.  I have been using my short Karen Kay Buckley applique pins but they are so very thin.  I find them wonderful for cotton but they are fragile and bend easily.  I prefer the Tulip applique pins for wool on cotton. The pins are thin, sharp and short....just what you need,

My spacing for my scroll stitch was not optimal.  While thinking about this I decided to pull out my Purple Thang.  This tool is handy and has many uses.  I use it for a stiletto while stitching; it is great for poking out points after turning because it does not poke through;  it is great for stuffing;  and the quarter inch square end is great for measuring situations.  I decided to use it to help with making my stitching uniform on my  project.

My next problem was that the Razzle Dazzle was separating at the needle end.  You can not knot it to keep it together or knot it on the needle.  That would defeat the purpose of using a milliners needle.  I thought about it for a spell and was thinking about using some kind of glue to hold the end together.  I was thinking about using a temporary spray fusible but then thought of my thread wax.  I pulled the thread through the wax and it does hold together.  If it starts to separate again I just finger press it together again.  It seems to be working.

Rami Kim Side Borders

 I am working on the side borders.  I have used iron on stabilizer on the back of my fabric to support the embroidery stitches.  Another nice thing about the stabilizer is that one can mark so your stitching is more consistent.  I also like that I can bury the ends between the stabilizer and the fabric for a nice finish.
 I am using Sue Spargo's Creative Stitching and Creative Texturing as well as Judith Baker Montano Elegant Stitches.  I love these small spiral bound books.  It is so convenient to lie open while you follow stitch diagrams.  I like Sue Spargo's photos and the Quilt Combination section which shows how to combine different stitches together.
 Sue Spargo explains the types of needles needed for success.
She suggested using Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle Thread from Superior Threads when using a Scroll Stitch for edging.  I quite like the result.
I used Purple, Blue, Red, Green and Gold around these blossoms.  
Bullion knots are quite a bit easier to do with a milliners needle.  I was using an applique needle because it is so much shorter than a milliners and I was trying to conserve thread.  I switched to a milliners needle and it sped up the process a ton.  I should listen to the experts.
The beak of the bird blends in quite a bit.  I am trying to think of an idea.  Maybe I will edge stitch this bird as well.  What do you think?  I will add a few more trinkets but I need to do the quilting first. Next I will work on the top and bottom borders.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

January OMG

 I bought this pattern from Rami Kim after a thread painting class she was teaching.  The class was wonderful and I have incorporated some of what I learned in other quilts.  I did very much like this quilt.  It is in the UFO pile and it is now time to complete this project.  I have completed the center woven panel and need to finish the applique borders.
I think I said that my Halloween Table Runner was my first adventure in wool.  When I opened my Rami Kim Project container I discovered that I had indeed started my adventures in wool applique with this quilt.  Whoops.  My memory fails me at times.  Anyway....I am going to pull out my Sue Spargo Creative Stitching book and get to stitching.

December OMG Finish

I did finish the Diva wallet for my sister and now I am working on another for myself.  I also finished a table topper for my sister Pam.  The original design was by Becky Jorgensen and the baskets in the corners were all the same.  I used some of Little Wooly Basket patterns from Linen Closet Quilts for my baskets.  My intent was to have seasonal baskets-Tulips for spring, Strawberries for Summer, Helenium for autumn and Evergreen with berries for winter.  I had a grand time with both projects.

When I was making the wallet, I was showing my progress to my mother.  The design has card pockets and my mother commented that she would worry that the cards would come out of the pockets.  I deconstructed the wallet and turned the card pocket unit inside out and added a zipper on top so that cards would be secured inside.  I used Straps-part-two: How-to-make-an-adjustable-bag-strap tutorial to make the strap for the wallet.  It has both a wrist strap and a detachable strap that can adjust to shoulder or cross body lengths.

The table topper was an opportunity for me to use my quilt rulers.  I used Ronda's Crescent and Double S Rulers to do the curved crosshatching.  I had echo quilted the baskets and I used a Westalee diamond ruler for one round of the center and a curve for the center section.  I washed and dried the quilt and the quilting and the wool baskets puffed up.  I had used some water soluble thread to baste the quilt and had some pencil marks that needed removal.   I like to wash and dry my quilts before I gift them.  I should put the washing instructions on the label.  I used the alphabet lettering on my sewing machine and stitched my label on the binding of the quilt.   I used 3 or 4 rows of my wavy zigzag stitch in the dark narrow borders.  I am very happy with my new Bernina ruler foot. It works much better than the other one I had been using.  My rulers work on all sides of the foot.

 Now what will I commit to complete for January.  Hmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December OMG

For my December OMG I am making Prima Diva Purses.  I bought the hardware and pattern many moons ago at a quilt show and never constructed it.  I recently went to Pinwheels and Friends One Stop Shop Hop in Sturbridge MA during November.  Sew Many Creations had a booth at this show and I was reminded that the task was still on the drawing board. My sister had also made that purchase way back when.  I suggested to her that since I knew purses were not her favorite thing to make that I would snag her hardware and my gift to her would be making the purse.  The surprise will be my fabric choices.  Fun for the holidays.