Saturday, November 26, 2016

November OMG

The quilt is done.  I am hoping to hang it over my front door window.  This was fun beginning to end. I had fun sorting my fabrics to come up with the light, medium and dark values.   I loved learning how to do English Paper Piecing.  There is always something else to learn when you are a quilter. I had a great time selecting all the quilting designs for the body and borders.  I used the Hanging Sleeve Completely by Machine tutorial from  and then I used my alphabet on my sewing machine to create my label on my binding.  Now to decide what is on the agenda for next month's OMG.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bernina Adjustable Ruler Foot #72

I am so excited to have the Bernina Adjustable Ruler Foot #72.  For my first adventure I am using my Line Tamer and Inchie Tape to quilt a double kite design on to the top border of my version of Inner City available at Paper Pieces.  I have quilted with the Line Tamer with other ruler feet and decided that it would be a perfect way to begin to learn to use the Bernina foot.  It is so wonderful that the ruler foot uses the same width ruler as my Babyloc Tiara.  I can use them on both machines.  Hooray!!

Quilting November OMG

The quilting is now done on the borders.  I am getting ready to add a sleeve and bind it.  The bottom right side I used a clam shell filligree design.
It was made by off setting the clam shells and then overlapping and stitching again.  The middle right  was a ribbon pattern that was created by following a sinusoidal curve.  The top right was an accident.  
I was using a straight stitch to make some diamond shapes.  I  accidentally changed it to a wobble stitch and the default setting was 1.5 width by 0.5 length.  I was using my new ruler foot and could not select it because I do not have a machine update that allows me to select it yet.  I substituted the #26 free motion foot instead.  I started to rip it out after I finished my first line of stitching and then changed my mind.  I decided to go with it.  Wobble stitching is much more forgiving that straight stitch.  I really like how it look.
I used a zigzag pattern on the left and I did it wrong.  I was supposed to leave a space between the zigzags that did not happen.  When I added the X stitches I did not get the pattern that I was trying to create.  I decided to leave it as is.  Only my readers know that it was a mistake.  I have some straight line stitching on the left side that is diagonal from the ribbon stitching on the right.  This was supposed to accentuate the angle of the piecing.  The bottom left below the straight stitching is a continuation of the pattern I created on the bottom.
It was made by stitching next to these and then cross hatching at the intersections.  The top of the quilt was a kite design and the left top corner is an arrow design that was made by connecting intersections of some zigzag stitching.  Stitching and football....a wonderful way to spend my Thanksgiving.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do this.  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

November OMG next chapter

The thread I am using is Lava by Superior which I purchased some time ago when it was on sale....perhaps because it was discontinued. It is a 35 wt polyester. I think is was a perfect choice to show up on the center and blend in the borders.
Here is the back of the quilt. I have quilted the center and it blends so well. Tres bien! C'est magnifique!
I am now planning on quilting the borders. I am going to chunk it up into sections and quilt different patterns in different sections. I am picking from Charlotte Warr Anderson's book One Line at a Time Encore. I am having fun with the quilting. It is like dot to dot. You feel like anyone can do this. It certainly builds ones confidence in learning to quilt.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November OMG in process.

My first part of my OMG for November is a December Kathy Schmitz block.  I am well pleased with the results.  The October and November blocks that I did used quite bright fabrics.  I was not so sure they were such good choices.  I much prefer my choices that I made for this month.  At first I wasn't sure how the black I used in the corners would work with the other black I chose since they were adjacent.  The corners look like arrows and I like that.  I also like the holly berries in the fabric.  The lattice fabric is something that I have had in my stash for decades.  It came from a Keepsake Quilting special mystery batch.  Way back I would place my orders on the phone and the person answering would always ask if I wanted to hear the specials.  Usually I said yes, but sometimes I said no because I was always tempted and I did not want to buy beyond my budget.  I am no longer stash building after decades of quilting.  I am now working to use that stash.  It always feels fabulous to use a fabric that you have for the longest time not been able to find a home for it.

I am not working on the second part of my OMG.  I think this English Paper Pieced Project will be a window covering for my front door window,  I had a collection of 2.5 inch strips in my stash.  I sister had given me the pattern as a gift.  She knew that I would love the geometry of this project.  I had done a tumbling block scrap quilt at one point in time so I knew how important value was to making this kind quilt work.  Once I realized that in the jelly roll I had three values some colors the fun began.  I went through the jelly roll and decided what triples I would form.  I decided to put the yellow on the top because in one class I took, the instructor taught use that it was important to consider from where your light source was coming.  I try to think of that aspect when planning quilts.  I did hunt around a bit for a border fabric.  The actual pattern has an inside border and a larger outside border.  Once I found this Kaffe I decided that I would applique the EPP onto the border fabric instead,  I think it adds dimension to the piece and I like the float of it.  I am trying to continually improve my technique,  While doing the EPP you have time to reflect upon the quilting choices available.  I had taken a Craftsy class on walking foot quilting.  I had considered using a double needle pattern.  I scanned a section of my quilt into the computer so that I would have a true to size print out with which to work.  I placed the print into a plastic sheet protector and used a wet erase pen to draw my quilting options.  If an option did not work, I would use a little water on a paper towel and erase it away.  If it had potential, I would get out another sheet protector and work on another option.  I was all set to do a double needle design that I thought looked like water dripping down.  After I quilted the Kathy Schmitz,  I totally changed my mind.  I had wanted to learn how to use a double needle in a quilting project but decided that this was not the right project for that technique.  I decide that all that linear design needed some curved quilting so back to the drawing board,  I was looking through One Line at a Time Encore by Charlotte War Anderson and decided that I would try some of that quilting.  I am trying to do the design she calls whirlpools.  It will take three passes of quilting to work.  I have just finished the first direction of my curved lines for this pattern.  I am thinking about what I will do on the border while I complete the center.  The book has multiple examples of quilts that use multiple designs.  I am so enjoying the process of quilting my projects these days.  I am thinking how I will section out the border to use more of the designs in this book.  This book is very helpful to a novice quilter to gain confidence in her quilting ....ONE LINE AT A TIME!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

November OMG

Thank you Heidi for hosting OMG.  I find it most helpful to focus.  This month I will commit to finishing The December Kathy Schmitz Design by adding the borders and quilting so it will be ready to display next month.  I am currently working on my first English Paper Piecing Project.  Another gift from my sister Paula.  I need to add the borders and quilt it.  To add the border I am appliqueing the EPP to a Kaffe fabric that I have selected.  Today I am taking out the papers and beginning the applique process.

I want to mention that I so appreciate the comments Heidi has made to me about my projects.  I can tell she has looked at each one carefully.  This makes you feel really connected.  Back to my missions.