Thursday, November 24, 2016

Quilting November OMG

The quilting is now done on the borders.  I am getting ready to add a sleeve and bind it.  The bottom right side I used a clam shell filligree design.
It was made by off setting the clam shells and then overlapping and stitching again.  The middle right  was a ribbon pattern that was created by following a sinusoidal curve.  The top right was an accident.  
I was using a straight stitch to make some diamond shapes.  I  accidentally changed it to a wobble stitch and the default setting was 1.5 width by 0.5 length.  I was using my new ruler foot and could not select it because I do not have a machine update that allows me to select it yet.  I substituted the #26 free motion foot instead.  I started to rip it out after I finished my first line of stitching and then changed my mind.  I decided to go with it.  Wobble stitching is much more forgiving that straight stitch.  I really like how it look.
I used a zigzag pattern on the left and I did it wrong.  I was supposed to leave a space between the zigzags that did not happen.  When I added the X stitches I did not get the pattern that I was trying to create.  I decided to leave it as is.  Only my readers know that it was a mistake.  I have some straight line stitching on the left side that is diagonal from the ribbon stitching on the right.  This was supposed to accentuate the angle of the piecing.  The bottom left below the straight stitching is a continuation of the pattern I created on the bottom.
It was made by stitching next to these and then cross hatching at the intersections.  The top of the quilt was a kite design and the left top corner is an arrow design that was made by connecting intersections of some zigzag stitching.  Stitching and football....a wonderful way to spend my Thanksgiving.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do this.  

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