Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November OMG in process.

My first part of my OMG for November is a December Kathy Schmitz block.  I am well pleased with the results.  The October and November blocks that I did used quite bright fabrics.  I was not so sure they were such good choices.  I much prefer my choices that I made for this month.  At first I wasn't sure how the black I used in the corners would work with the other black I chose since they were adjacent.  The corners look like arrows and I like that.  I also like the holly berries in the fabric.  The lattice fabric is something that I have had in my stash for decades.  It came from a Keepsake Quilting special mystery batch.  Way back I would place my orders on the phone and the person answering would always ask if I wanted to hear the specials.  Usually I said yes, but sometimes I said no because I was always tempted and I did not want to buy beyond my budget.  I am no longer stash building after decades of quilting.  I am now working to use that stash.  It always feels fabulous to use a fabric that you have for the longest time not been able to find a home for it.

I am not working on the second part of my OMG.  I think this English Paper Pieced Project will be a window covering for my front door window,  I had a collection of 2.5 inch strips in my stash.  I sister had given me the pattern as a gift.  She knew that I would love the geometry of this project.  I had done a tumbling block scrap quilt at one point in time so I knew how important value was to making this kind quilt work.  Once I realized that in the jelly roll I had three values some colors the fun began.  I went through the jelly roll and decided what triples I would form.  I decided to put the yellow on the top because in one class I took, the instructor taught use that it was important to consider from where your light source was coming.  I try to think of that aspect when planning quilts.  I did hunt around a bit for a border fabric.  The actual pattern has an inside border and a larger outside border.  Once I found this Kaffe I decided that I would applique the EPP onto the border fabric instead,  I think it adds dimension to the piece and I like the float of it.  I am trying to continually improve my technique,  While doing the EPP you have time to reflect upon the quilting choices available.  I had taken a Craftsy class on walking foot quilting.  I had considered using a double needle pattern.  I scanned a section of my quilt into the computer so that I would have a true to size print out with which to work.  I placed the print into a plastic sheet protector and used a wet erase pen to draw my quilting options.  If an option did not work, I would use a little water on a paper towel and erase it away.  If it had potential, I would get out another sheet protector and work on another option.  I was all set to do a double needle design that I thought looked like water dripping down.  After I quilted the Kathy Schmitz,  I totally changed my mind.  I had wanted to learn how to use a double needle in a quilting project but decided that this was not the right project for that technique.  I decide that all that linear design needed some curved quilting so back to the drawing board,  I was looking through One Line at a Time Encore by Charlotte War Anderson and decided that I would try some of that quilting.  I am trying to do the design she calls whirlpools.  It will take three passes of quilting to work.  I have just finished the first direction of my curved lines for this pattern.  I am thinking about what I will do on the border while I complete the center.  The book has multiple examples of quilts that use multiple designs.  I am so enjoying the process of quilting my projects these days.  I am thinking how I will section out the border to use more of the designs in this book.  This book is very helpful to a novice quilter to gain confidence in her quilting ....ONE LINE AT A TIME!!!!

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  1. I LOVE the quilting on your EPP. Wow does it ever look 3D in the picture.