Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August OMG

I added some more Bricks, Pebbles and Cobblestones to make the quilt rectangular.  I added hearts because the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild suggestion was for rainbow heart quilts.
I added some big hearts on the back.  I quilted it with the back facing up and started at the edge of the hearts, then echo quilted the heart shape multiple times.  I used lime green thread on top and bottom.  I expected it to show up more than it did.  It was mailed off to the Orlando Modern Quilt guild for the Orlando Pulse victims and families.  It is sent out into the world.  My OMG is complete.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First Heart

I get so excited when I can use my scraps to make something.  I just finished 1 of 6 hearts necessary to piece the back of my quilt.  When the scraps are die cut, they go together so quickly.  My sister suggested a book some years ago about mastering scraps.  I followed the directions in the book so I have a stack of 5 inch blocks to look through.  Recently I sort of organized them loosely by color.  It has helped to find what you want easily.  Glad I spent the time doing that.  If I don't have enough to make six blocks, I will just add some big solid block to fill in.  Back to work.

Bricks Pebbles Cobblestones Backing

My plan was to use this red fabric to make a gigantic heart on the back of the quilt.  When I unfolded it I determined that it has so much sun damage that it is to be sent to the rag bin.  So now what do I do???  I headed to my scrap bin and pulled out my 5 inch blocks.  I decided to make some scrappy hearts out of them.  Here is the first one in process.  I hope my sewing machine holds up.  Today the bobbin case got stuck in the race.  After a call to my Bernina dealer I followed their directions to free it.  The case is quite scraped up by the little screw driver that came with my machine.  I will have to order another.  For the moment the machine is working.  It took quite a bit of doing with extreme angst.  Back to work.

Orlando Pulse

I had been working on Gyleen X. Fitgerald's QAL Bricks Cobblestones and Pebbles.  It had been placed on the back burner while I finished some projects with deadlines.  I am now getting ready to make the backing.  I hope to get this done this week so it can get to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild
before the September deadline.  I am contemplating what to do for the back and binding to finish this off.  The request of the guild was for Rainbow Heart Quilts.  I added quilts to the top of the front but am thinking I might put some big hearts on the back.  I grabbed some wadding before I came over to my mother's.  I don't actually know how much I have.  I may have to get to the store and get some more.  Hmmmmmm.  Off to check on materials.  BFN M

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August OMG Goal

The plan is to make this into  a rectangle and make it a quilt for a project on which my guild is working.