Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bricks Pebbles Cobblestones Backing

My plan was to use this red fabric to make a gigantic heart on the back of the quilt.  When I unfolded it I determined that it has so much sun damage that it is to be sent to the rag bin.  So now what do I do???  I headed to my scrap bin and pulled out my 5 inch blocks.  I decided to make some scrappy hearts out of them.  Here is the first one in process.  I hope my sewing machine holds up.  Today the bobbin case got stuck in the race.  After a call to my Bernina dealer I followed their directions to free it.  The case is quite scraped up by the little screw driver that came with my machine.  I will have to order another.  For the moment the machine is working.  It took quite a bit of doing with extreme angst.  Back to work.

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