Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back to Round the Garden

I am missing piecing on my Bernina but I need to make some progress toward my current OMG.  I have been busy working on household issues including arranging for my roof repair.  The month is half over and I have barely started.  I needed to cut some blossom parts.  I am using my Accuquilt dies and a hammer with punches.  

The little bits and pieces of wool that are left are not trash.  There are what I used to make the little circles for the blossoms ring.
Here are the results of my hammer and punch.  

I am working on the first foot of the blossom ring and it is taking some time as I think and look through my embroidery books for ideas for stitches.  
I made a bee with an oval of yellow wool, a French knot, some bullion knots and a straight stitch.  I also made a lady bug with red and black perle rayon for the bullion knots.  I am going to put some ants in at some point as well.  I used  woven circles instead of layerlng the wool circles.  I have many colors of Superior's Sew Sassy thread from which to choose.  If I keep spending so much time picking stitches I will not make much progress.  Oh well.  I am enjoying the process so I do not have to worry about the timeline.  I do like my little ladybug.  On to the next inch of blossom ring.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August OMG

I am continuing with Round the Garden.  I will be hither and yon this month so I will have little time for stitching so I will work on the wool blossoms that are to fill the green band.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July OMG Round the Garden Part B Interior 3

The original pattern has layered embroidered circles for blossoms in the basket.  I went off script and replaced them with die cut wool blossoms that were from Accuquilt's Round Flower die or Rose of Sharon dies by Sharon Pederson or Serendipity die Edyta Sitar.  My substitutions will detract from the moderne design of the original.  I hope I still like my version when it gets done.  I care naught a whit whether it is categorized as moderne, modern or traditional.  I just hope that my efforts come together in a pleasing rendition.  I am not sure I am done with the embroidery in this section.  I am going to let it alone for a spell to see if I wish to add some more.  I took out the stitching that I had place in the center of the pink blossom.
I did a heavy chain stitch in Ricky Tim's Razzle Dazzle and Sulky's variegated Overlock.  I purchased the Overlock thread by mistake.  I bought it because it was variegated. When I checked to see the weight when I got home I noticed that it was a serger thread.  I do not have a serger.  I was not sure about its characteristics but I decided it would be fine to embroider with so it made its way into my collection of threads.  

I couched a lazy daisy stitch around the heavy chain stitch in the blossoms center. I liked the stitching and the thread but I did not like the color choice so I removed it.  I may go back and fill it in with dark and light pink colonial or French knots.  Maybe  I will use some seed stitches as a filler.   I was trying to think of an outline stitch for this blossom that could smoothly surround this blossoms convex and concave exterior while fitting snuggly around the edge.  I wanted something other that the Pearl, Coral, Scroll stitching that I had already been using.  I pulled out an old publication by Coats and Clark's 150-A and found the double knot stitch.  This stitch is easy and it hugs both convex and concave.  I think you just need to keep the stitches even.  Increasing the stitch length could give a different look to this stitch.  I am sure I will start using this stitch again an again.
Come on over to Elm Street Quilts and join us by monthly goals for our quilting projects.  See what the others have accomplished.

Monday, July 3, 2017

July OMG Round the Garden continued

I need to do the blossoms in the green band under the houses in Quadrant 1.  I suspect I will need a change of pace and will work on the interior of Quadrant 2 which is a basket of flowers and some rabbits.  I also need to work on the tiny flowers growing at the base of the tree and across the lawn.  I will be away from this project and off to my other abode for a spell so I should not promise too much progress on this project.  I will miss it while I am away.  Come on over to Elm Street Quilts and join us by making monthly goals for our quilting projects.  See what the others have accomplished.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June OMG Round the Garden Progress

I am happy to report that I managed to get further than my goal this month.  I still need to finish some flowers at the base of the tree in the interior of quadrant 1 but I wanted to start working on the houses so I skipped to the exterior of quadrant 1.  This project is so much fun. come on over to Elm Street Quilts and join in the gang who make out monthly goals for our quilting projects.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Round the Garden Exterior 2

The thread assortment above is my choice for the red tree in Exterior 2.  I used the red silk to whip stitch the leaves. The reddish brown Sew Sassy was used to embellish the leaves with thorn stitch.  The other four spools of Sew Sassy are for the vein of the leaf under the thorn stitch.  I continue the couched vein and create a branch using stem stitch which then becomes the trunk of the tree.  The trunk is therefore multicolored.  I am happy with the result.  I through in the gold for kind of a highlight color.  My sister is in the process of making a quilt.  She had four different background fabrics- three grey taupes and a tan.  We were joking that the Sesame street jingle "One of these things is not like the others"  applied to the tan but thought that maybe it was okay.  Turns out that the tan added a sparkle to the quilt because it did not blend.  That was a good lesson.  I am using random lengths of thread.  Wherever the thread length ends I pick up a new color.  I am pleased with the result.  I am also very happy I bought all that Sew Sassy on sale.
I used silk ribbon for the leaves.  I need to make more leaves, more insects a bird and some stitching on the light house.  I may want to use stabilizer under the lighthouse stitching.  I could not find the pattern for the bird and I have not decided how to work the insects.  I used a gold ribbon for the insect above the tree.  I only have a little left so I my want to use it in another quadrant.  I used black rayon perle  boullion knots for the honey bee rather than backstitch.  I still have not decided on the wings.  I have some organza 9mm ribbon that I am considering using.  I wish is was 4mm.  I do like the idea of using organza ribbon.  MaybeI I will look to see if Bucilla makes a narrower size.  I will come back to Exterior 2.  Now on to Exterior 1.  I am attaching the tree and I looked up how to properly pin a wool applique patch in a browser.  I did not find anything that addressed that issue.  All I saw was instructions for fusibles, fabric tac, and glue basting.  Interesting.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Round the Garden Progress

I still have a lot more to do before the end of the month to meet my OMG but I have made good progress.  This quadrant has some bugs in the design.  I will be using my Sue Spargo embroidery books.  I know they have directions for stitching bugs.  In the meantime I will be making a lot of circle flowers.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wendy Williams Round the Garden June OMG

Here is the background I dyed for Wendy Williams Round the Garden wool applique quilt.  I hand painted this cloth with a blue in the center a Kiwi green circle and a mauve exterior.  I ran out of the dye paste for the exterior and had to remix.  My second mix was not quite the color of the first so it is a bit blotchy in places.  I was not sure if I should use it as I am not in love with the fabric.  I decided to go with it as the wool on top is to be the real star of the quilt.  We will see what happens,  I am attempting to complete the first interior quadrant of the circle this month.  This should be fun.
This stitch was created by bobbin work.  I put some Ricky Tims white Razzle Dazzle in the bobbin case and white Sew Sassy on top.  I used a 100 top stitch needle with stitch number 1328 on my Bernina. The stitch is one that emulates a running stitch.  The pattern indicates that you should use a running stitch to demarcate the sections.  I tried it on a sample thinking I would adjust the length of the stitch.  I was very surprised with the curly cue result.  I decided I liked it and proceeded to stitch.  Unfortunately I stitched one of the lines in the wrong place so I had to unstitch and restitch where it needed to be.  The holes from the stitching are quite large so I may have to add some stabilizer or something on the back.  Most of if will be covered with applique pieces so I will worry about that later.
The flying geese are all added and here is when I noticed that the horizontal line was misplaced.
 I fixed my mistake and added the wool for the tree along with stitching the edge of the green border.  I made the top edge wavy so I decided not to stitch it.  Now on to the isosceles triangles. 
The quadrants are now delineated.  Now to focus on upper right section. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sew Spooky Finished!

 This pattern is by Arlene and Melissa of The Quilt Company out of San Diego CA.  There is another shop in Pennsylvania called The Quilt Company but it is not the same people.  Sew Spooky was a BOM but you could also buy the complete kit, individual block patterns or  the complete pattern.  I bought the pattern and the fabric accessory packet.  I did not buy the buttons that went with the kit.  I substituted buttons that I happened to have already.  I did not have an owl button so I stuffed and appliqued an owl from my backing fabric in the window of the barn. 
I backing is based on Judy Sisneros book 9-Patch Pizzazz.  This is a great way to blow up a standard 42-44 inch yardage of cotton so that it can fit the back of a quilt.  I will do this again in the future. 
The designer used appliqued bats and stars in the border.  I opted to use the black chevron border and I quilted the bats in the border.  My bats are tilted this way and that to look like they are flying about.
I quilted a cow jumping over the moon along with some stars.
Next to the candy corn on top I quilted ghosts and next to the candy corn in the bottom I stitched owls.

I stitched pumpkins around the quilt house.  My quilt lifts up to reveal a spider and web underneath.


Around the barn I quilted bats.
Around the Jack o' Lantern house I quilted candy corn and script that says Trick or Treat.
 The Ghoul School is quilted with skeletons.
 The raven topped pumpkin block has a quilted cemetery.
And the witch house has quilted script that says "If the boot fits cackle"  along with Lori Kennedy's Spooky Spiders hanging from the moon and the broom stick. 
I feel that after this adventure I have become much more confident in my ability to successfully free motion quilt.  I have gotten over the fear of quilting.  I know it is not going to be perfect and I am having fun quilting my quilts.  Now to decide what to finish next.  I encourage you to join in the fun at Elm Street Quilts and make progress on your UFO's and share your finishes while seeing what others are doing in that regard.   

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sew Spooky Binding

I hope I have enough binding.  I tried to measure the linear length but since it is bias binding it was very stretchy.  I think it will complement both sides.  I have a queen size bat in a bag but I think I will head to Ben Franklin and get something off the roll.  I will leave this bat for a larger quilt.  BFN M

Sew Spooky: The Other Side is completed

I am having trouble getting a good picture of the back of the quilt I pieced.  I was trying to be very careful with the measuring, but I was still surprised that all the pieces fit.  I am proud of myself for that result.  I am going to cut the black and grey stripe fabric that was used in the chevron border to  bind the quilt. I have 27 inches left of that fabric and if my calculations are correct I should have enough. 76+76+64+64=280 linear inches are needed plus some extra for the overlap.  (The front of the quilt is about 72 by 60 so it is actually 264 inches.  27 X 2.25= 60.75 square inches per strip. 280\27 = 10.37 strips rounded up to 11.  11 X 60.75= 668.25 square inches.  27 X 42=1134 square inches so I have enough.   am happy because I so like to used striped fabric cut on the bias for binding.  It looks like a barber pole.  I think it will work well with both sides so that is my next venture.  On to cut the binding.  I will use the Fons and Porter triangle trimmer for this.  I love this tool.  BFN M

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sew Spooky: The Other Side

Here is the fabric that I am going to feature on the back of Sew Spooky.  I have this quilting book 9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros for fast and easy quilts. 
 Here is my basic plan for the backing.  The L and upside down L will be of the above owl fabric and the insides will be filled with 9-patches of the owl fabrics and a gold fabric and a black fabric left over from the Chevron Border from the front.  I do not have the book with me so I am improving my way through the process with help from Pinterest and of course graph paper is my friend so can I really call this improvisational quilting.  I guess not. 
When I made the Chevron border I used patches that were 2.5 by 6.5.  When I went to trim, all the other widths (1, 1.5, 2)  could trim out to a 7.5 inch width; the 2.5 was a tad short, so I fudged it to make it work.  Next time those need to be cut 2.5 by 7.  I will try to remember that.  The above is me working out the math of it to see why it would not work.  At the bottom is my first thought for the back of my quilt.  Both are interesting choices. 

For the filler Patchwork above I am thinking about how to use the strips I have left over.  I think I will start by sewing them together in blocks.  Maybe I will get out my design wall today.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sew Spooky Border Complete

The border is complete and I am well pleased with the result.  I need to decide upon a fabric for the binding and make the backing and I will be ready for sandwiching and quilting.  I recently read a tip from a famous quilter....I wish I could remember the quilter's name and credit the idea but alas I do not....oh well....anyway she said that to make her backing from standard yardage that she cuts diagonally across the yardage adds extra to fit diagonally through the middle of her quilt. I am going to try that and see how it works.  My thought was to use the extra pieces I had left from the chevron and put that diagonally across between the corners. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sew Spooky BOM

I have just  completed the top pieced border for Sew Spooky.  To make the chevrons I used my Accuquilt multi strip cutter (1, 1.5, 2 inch).  I also made some 2.5 in strips.  By using the multiple sizes you do not have to worry about fitting the pieced borders.  I got out my black fabrics cut five inch width strips.  I ribbon folded them horizontally across my 6.5 inch strip cutter then I placed layers of the 5 inch by 6 inch pieces on the multi-strip cutter and ended up with 1 by 6.5, 1.5 by 6.5 and 2 by 6.5 inch strips already to make chevrons.  I do not know how many to cut so I am going to resupply my strips as I go.

Friday, May 5, 2017


I do not remember the name of this pattern.  I only have some of the pattern pages with the unfinished top.  This has been a UFO for some time.  I did not want to add the border that the pattern designer used (appliqued bats).  I went to see the AQS show in Paducah with my sister. That was a wonderful adventure.  While there we went to a quilt shop at some farm in the area.  The owner of the shop had a quilt hanging that was vertical strips of chevrons made from all black fabrics.  The owner explained to me that she had designed this quilt for a fabric company to show off one of their lines.  I remember thinking I would love that job and wondering how one would get a job like that.   Anyway....back to my quilt....I remember thinking that  on the perimeter I did not want appliqued black bats on light backgrounds- I would rather have quilted ones on black chevrons.  My only problem was  how to make the corners????  I think I have my solution.  My May OMG will be to piece the border for this quilt. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April OMG

This is a replacement post for the one that was here originally.  I had posted with a short paragraph so that I could make the April OMG deadline.  I had yardwork to do and I was waiting so that I would not annoy the neighbors with my chainsaw too early and spent sometime revising the post. This was challenging because I was at first creating and posting using my phone because my computer was not functioning.  I had to download some apps and learn how to post from the app.  I am not that good with intuitive apps.  I never know when to pinch or slide or swipe or pull.   When it was completed, I accidentally hit revert to draft rather than publish and it wiped out all my work.  I was quite angry so I went outside to get that yardwork done.  I am exhausted after my day's labor; so I am going to try this again.  Perhaps I will make my comments in more than one post so I don't risk loosing my content.

Construction:  This quilt is made from storm at 9.5 inch storm at sea blocks set on point with the rocks appliqued on top. 
The top and bottom edges were cut straight across.  The side edges were made with partial blocks that followed the gentle vertical curved line of the pattern pieces.  I liked the idea of a wavy edge for a sea themed quilt.  The block was made of a small square in a square, a large square in a square, and 2 triangles in a square that pieced together to make a rectangle.  I used my Accuquilt GoBig to cut my units.  The Accuquilt storm at sea uses 4 half square triangle instead of the smaller square in a square. I used a 2.5 inch square surrounded by a 2 inch finished quarter square triangle to make the square in a square.  If I had pieced it with quarter inch seams it would not have fit.  I had to fudge this to make it work.  I used scant eighth in seams to piece it so that I could piece it to the 3.5 inch triangle in a square.
I began with a pdf print out of the storm at sea sheet above and drew my horizon line on it. I would color in sections so I would know what fabrics to put where.  I auditioned blocks and reworked as I went along.  The block above was rejected.  I decided that I did not want the pink center;  I also discovered that I needed to figure out how to cut the fabric so that the prints were going in the correct direction.  I used the Accuquilt dies to cut paper and drew grain lines on them.  I used the papers to fussy cut hunks of fabric to place on the dies.  I did my very best to not waste fabric.  I did make several mistakes and had to recut. 

Under the rock I used 9.5 inch squares of muslin as place holders. The quilt was basically 3 sections: sky, water, and beach. 

Sky:  I started with some blue fabrics on the design wall.  I had blues for the sky and blues for the water.  I looked at the design wall and decided it needed a punch of color so I looked at some photos of sunrises and added the pink/blue/yellow/orange/white print and a yellow with grey batik that I thought would blend into the blue sky fabrics.  I started with the sunrise fabrics and selected a grey fabric with big clouds, a baby blue fabric with small clouds, a

Around the rock I wanted to use this puddle fabric which is a grey/blue print with concentric ovals.  I was trying to show some wave action from bumping up against the rock.   I was using fabrics from my stash. Much of it was fat quarters or third yards.  I used a grey print along the horizon line.  It has some white lines on it that I thought it would like moving water.  Next layer was a grey mottle that surrounded the rock and puddle fabric.  The next layer was a blue speckle.  I added a dark blue print that had some gold flecks.  Some people have asked about the dark blue fabric. I gather they think it does not blend well although no one has actually said that.   I remember swimming in the ocean and seeing darker blue areas that were markedly colder through which to swim.  I also have come across schools of fish.  That is what I was thinking about when I added that section.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

May Block Reprise

I made this block a while back and I was never happy with the white bee fabric.  The scale was just plain wrong so I decided to do it again.  I did not want the bees chopped off.
I decided to use the same fabrics but use a bigger block.  I chose to use hexagons and here is the new May block. 
And now June is done as on to July.  Only three more blocks to go. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April OMG Making Progress

Here is the quilt top so far.  I need to applique the rock to the top.  It is just pinned in place at the moment and I need to add the cormorants.  I have yet to decide if I am going to embroider them or applique them.  I have to create a back, sandwich quilt and bind it.  I hope my nephew likes the result.  I really enjoyed working through the challenges so far.  Now to make a plan for the quilting. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Accuquilt Quandrey

I am working on the rock quilt and I decided that I wanted to Accuquilt cut the pieces for the Storm at Sea pattern.  I did not want the diamond shape to be pieced in the middle so I thought I would just fold the fabric and not cut the middle.  Hmmm?  But then I realized that if I did not have the pieced middle my pieces would be off by 1/2 and inch.  This is getting way too complicated.  I guess I will have to accept the seam in the middle unless I want to hand cut the center.  Hmmmm.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February OMG Goal

This is a photo that my nephew gave me.  He has asked me to create a quilt based on this photo of Flag Rock which is near Plymouth MA.  The rock was painted with a swastika circa WWII.  Local residents painted an American Flag on top.  To this day when the paint wears off it is repainted.  My nephew has asked me to create a quilt based on this photo.  My February goal is to create the rock portion and applique it to a background.  My plan is to use Storm-at-Sea on point as the background behind the rock.  I hope he likes the result.  I have got the rock underway and I am scanning blue fabric into my computer because I want to grey scale it to help me select appropriate values of fabric to emulate horizontal motion across the quilt. He has asked me to have this quilt done by Easter.  I have given many quilts as gifts, but I feel like this is my first commissioned work.  It is easier when it is a gift.  Come join the fun at Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal!