Friday, December 30, 2016

Embellishment Tools: Pins and Wax and Purple Thang

My sister taught me to use lots of pins to secure the wool to cotton and to press outward while stitching so that the wool will lie flat and not ripple.  She also gave me some Tulip applique pins.  I have been using my short Karen Kay Buckley applique pins but they are so very thin.  I find them wonderful for cotton but they are fragile and bend easily.  I prefer the Tulip applique pins for wool on cotton. The pins are thin, sharp and short....just what you need,

My spacing for my scroll stitch was not optimal.  While thinking about this I decided to pull out my Purple Thang.  This tool is handy and has many uses.  I use it for a stiletto while stitching; it is great for poking out points after turning because it does not poke through;  it is great for stuffing;  and the quarter inch square end is great for measuring situations.  I decided to use it to help with making my stitching uniform on my  project.

My next problem was that the Razzle Dazzle was separating at the needle end.  You can not knot it to keep it together or knot it on the needle.  That would defeat the purpose of using a milliners needle.  I thought about it for a spell and was thinking about using some kind of glue to hold the end together.  I was thinking about using a temporary spray fusible but then thought of my thread wax.  I pulled the thread through the wax and it does hold together.  If it starts to separate again I just finger press it together again.  It seems to be working.

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