Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rami Kim: Top Border

Before                                    After
I was bedazzling my quilt with Razzle Dazzle and had this thread piece left.  I guess since my grandparents and parents were depression era and was taught to waste not want not, I did not pitch this.  I used my bees wax thread conditioner and tamed it.  It needle quite nicely.
Here is the top border so far.  I was trying to learn how to pearl stitch around the gold triangle on the left and sometimes when I pulled the needle I got a knot and sometimes it did not.  I looked at the stitch diagrams over and over.  I have a little learning disability which was identified when I was in High School.  It seems that my reading speed was extremely slow compared to my vocabulary.  I qualified for special education services. The wonderful educators determined that I had directional confusion and intervened with some pull out classes to remediate my reading deficiencies.  The disability does not go away.  My brain works the way my brain works and sometimes it takes me a bit to figure out things.  In this stitch you have to turn the needle clockwise.  I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.  the first few stitches were not quite right but I left them as is.  They were knots and only I and now you know that they are a bit different.  Can you tell which ones they were?   

I just watched an episode of and learned that I should use nymo thread for beading.  I do not know what size or color to get so I think I will have to make a trip to the craft store to learn about beading threads so I can use them with my stitching.  I may add some beads to this later.  Now on to the bottom border.  Making progress.


  1. I hate wasting pretty threads too--only makes sense--lol! I think there may be a video on the Needle N Thread website for the knotted pearl stitch--sometimes it's helpful to see someone else do it--I know that works for me! Have fun with your stitches!

    1. I did look at that but the video was for a different stitch or a different version of the stitch. The one I was doing was an edge stitch not a row of vertical stitches. I guess there are variations of the same stitch or some people call things by different names. Thanks for the help.