Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Quilting Begins with the Weaving

I  chose this thread, a discontinued Superior 35 weight thread because it had many of the colors of the fabric and wool.  I used Superior's Bottom Line in Black in the bobbin.  I think the quilting come out well so far.  I don't see any puckering on the back.  I am well pleased.  This gives me hope that I become a better quilter and become more confident.

I spiral quilted the center section which is quite thick because it was created by weaving doubled strips of fabric and then there is also a stabilizer on the back.  One of the quilting classes I took suggested that incorporating curved quilting complements with linear patterns. I reviewed my Craftsy Class Next-steps-with-your-walking-foot by Jaquie Gering before I proceeded.  The next part is more challenging.  I need to decide how to quilt around the applique.  While I am thinking about that I will do some simple Wobble Stitch in the first border around the center.  I think it is too late to do any good work tonight so I will give it up until the morrow.  I have to decide about the binding.  I have a piece of black to use for the hanging sleeve.  I will have to see if I have any more of this, but then I may decide to use the first border fabric for the binding.  I've got to quilt a 6 inch perimeter before I do that.  Good night all.

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  1. That spiral is perfect. I think it really compliments the "piecing".