Monday, January 23, 2017

Try Try Again

 For my nephew's commissioned quilt I was concerned about how to make the stars of the flag.  I decided that appliqueing them was not going to work and decided to embroider them.  I practiced various satin stitching with different threads and decided to use  Superior Thread Sew Sassy #3301 (Snow Cap).
 But then "Houston we've had a problem here".  The red fabric stained the stars red.  I was using a dry iron to paper piece the stripes.  I was very surprised that this happened.  This is why people prewash their fabric.
 I thought it would just come out in the wash.  I washed it with Tide.  Then I washed it with Tide and Clorox and then I tried some solid bleach followed by soaking it over night in OxiClean.  Nothing worked.  Some of the stars are still quite red.
I will spend today stitching stars on blue fabric.  I think my red fabric is well prewashed at this point. Hopefully I will not have to redo them.

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