Friday, January 27, 2017

Flag Rock Progress

I am making progress on the rock portion of the quilt.  I have been layering fabrics on a non-woven which reminds me of the Stretch and Sew material that I used to make clothing patterns back when everyone was making polyester double knit pant suits.  Once I get this layered up  I wonder where and how I can store it while I am working on the storm at sea background.  Hmmmmmm....  I have more to do on the rock so I will keep going.  Maybe I can roll it up somehow.  Maybe it can fit in the trunk in the next room.  I like how it is coming along.  I am also wondering how I will stitch it down. I think I may look for some tulle to use as a top layer to stop any fraying.  I have this dark gold tulle that I have used on my hedgehog quilt and other portrait quilts but maybe silver or gray would be better for the rock.  I wonder if Ben Franklin has any.

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