Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hedgehogs at Play

Hedgehogs at Play is done.  I don't know whether the critters are actually playing but I was playing as I created this wall quilt.  I learned more about thread painting, I used a layer of netting to cover some of the fusible appliques to reduce the fraying of the fabric.  It also adds some depth to the overall image.  I used my couching foot on a quilt for the first time.  I played with using the direction of light as well.  I really like the backing fabric I found for this quilt and I was more successful with using my alphabet stitching for a label than I was the last time.  My label was made by folding a square and stitching the unfinished edges in the binding.  It makes a little pocket that one could store things.  
This quilt has been in the drawer for a very long time.  So many of our projects lay waiting because one does not have a block of time that one can devote.  This one allowed me to play with bits and pieces during that time.........a session for picking fabric,,,,,,,,,another for the black eyed susans......others for fusing fabrics for leaves and petals.  I celebrate all those quilt projects that let us keep out hand in when our lives are otherwise too frenetic.  

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