Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Before and after Hand dyes


I am home for a few days so I am taking a suggestion from the quilt show and am spending some time organizing my sewing space.  I had a box of fabric that my mother gifted to me. I found some treasures in there.....a couple of pieces of fabric I think she got while traveling to Australia and some blues I will use for backgrounds for this applique Christmas quilt I've been wanting to do for a spell.  It has houses and I think I am obsessed with houses.  Then there was another box of my hand dyes.  I had taken classes from Frieda Anderson (Fabric to Dye for) and Lisa White Reber (Dippydyes.com).  Both are excellent instructors.  I spent the time ironing, sorting and folding them on magazine boards. The magazine boards (aka comic book backing boards) have really helped me organize my fabric.  The can handle fat quarters and yardages.  I can easily find the fabric I am looking for this way.  I put them on some bookshelves behind a quilt so the sun does not fade them.  

I have several quilts in mind for this fabric.  I may have to dye some more.  

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