Sunday, January 10, 2016

Adding Ferns to the Hedgehogs

This UFO has been in the bin for quite a spell.  I purchased the Hedgehog Pattern above from Debora Konchinsky from her booth at a quilt show.  She assured me that I could do the thread painting required.  I had taken a thread painting class with my sister at the first Show I ever attended.  I was really drawn to the pattern and decided that I would give it a shot.  Mind you I had NO confidence in my thread painting skills.  The designer assured me that the directions included would be sufficient and that I would be successful.  I have had so much fun working on this little quilt.  The pattern sat in my drawer for a long time.  I would periodically pull it out and read the directions before I acquired to courage to sally forth.  I actually made the hedgehogs in a hoop.  This facilitated the thread painting because I could grab onto that hoop and easily move it around making my stitches shorter and longer as I saw fit.  I learned about different weights of thread and used several.  I trimmed the critters leaving the edge unstitched. I just had to thread paint around the edge, add the feet and my critters we at home in the woods.  

Today I am watching football and cutting out ferns.  Notice that I opted to sew the background fabrics at an angle.  In one of my quilt books it suggested that you consider from whence the light was coming so I sewed the strips at an angle to indicate the light source.  I often wish I had taken some art classes in high school or college.  Tomorrow I will attend my first guild meeting.  I met someone at my mother's church and she invited me.  I look forward to meeting some other quilters and to discussing quilting.    

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