Monday, January 4, 2016

Slow Stitchin' Sunday

Today my sister alerted me to her linky.  I first came across linky's in Bonnie Hunter's blog the day before.  Now I'm trying to make one of my own.  Here goes.
Whoops to big.
Oops again. Let me try to link to this picture of another slow stitchin' project.
I accidentally posted two identical pictures.  Mega oops!  Sorry Kathy.  I used the wrong url my first time and then when I tried to get another picture of a slow stitchin' project to post the correct url, I inadvertantly posted the same picture.  Live and learn.  Bye the bye...the first photos are of my Kathy Schmitz designs and the last is a photo of my block from a Mystery Quilt published in Quiltmania.  Now I am headed back to my machine to continue quilting the Sea Turtle Parade. Although this is machine quilted,  it is slow stitchin'. 

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