Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sea Turtle Parade

I purchased the Mount Redoubt Designs Sea Turtle Parade Kit that came complete with batting, backing and crystals years ago. ( I did purchase a batik to use in place of the muslin backing from the kit.) Yesterday I finished stitching with Superior's Vanish Lite through my drawings that I had made on Golden Threads Quilting paper,  Some of the drawings were from Laura Lee Fritz 250 Continuous-Line and 250 New Continuous-Line Quilting Designs.  Others were from drawings I adapted.  For example the pelican head came from Laura's book.  It is standing.  I decided to draw wings as it it were flying.  I probable should have done a little research about what pelican wings actually look like.  I just drew wings  .... my wings may actually be eagle like and not pelican like.  I don't know.  Oh well. I was thinking that a pelican would not be standing under water so maybe this might be a shadow on the water from the pelican flying overhead.  Again do sea turtles and pelicans exist in the same environs.... Should have researched that as well... I just liked that pelican eating the fish....again does a pelican eat when it flies???????? 

I used my leather roller foot for the first time on my Bernina.  Interestingly the cutter did not work when I had the roller foot selected on my Bernina screen.  I changed the selection on the Bernina to foot #24 without actually changing the foot and the cutter worked.  Don't know if I should have done that or not but it served my purpose.  The roller foot worked so well.  The visibility was fabulous.  When I got to some parts of my drawing that were really wiggly I sometimes just took the leather foot off and worked without a foot attached and sometimes if the section was longer I attached the #24 foot.  What fun to use new tools!!!!   I would have thought that the golden threads paper would have acted like a stabilizer for the stitches.  Not so much.  Does it have to be on the bottom to work as a stabilizer???  Hmmmmmm.  I could have used Ricky Tims Stable Stuff but I would have had to use a light box for the drawings.  I wanted to use the Golden Threads product because I could see the stitching of the applique through the paper and knew where to draw.  
The Vanish Lite is easily visible on all of the blue background except for the very lightest blue.  When I get to the quilting, my plan is to stitch around the applique first before I stitch on top of the vanish lite stitching. My top is wrinkled so I wanted to iron it before I sandwiched it but I did not know if I could iron vanish lite.  I called Superior Threads.  The customer service is so great.  The representative did not know the answer so she went to find out.  She said that they did not know and to try it on a sample with a press cloth to see what happens.  I have yet to do that.  

Today I learned to add links and pictures to my posts.  I have not done any CSS for quite a while.  I will do that one of these days.  Happy blogging. M


  1. Hi Mary, Congratulations on your new blog! Thank you for linking up with One Monthly Goal, looks like a great project and I look forward to seeing more of it! I find this all interesting, I have some Golden Threads Paper but have never used it - found it at the thrift store. I have also never used a leather foot and wonder how it is helping here. And what/how are you cutting? I am new to art quilting but very interested in trying some of these methods!

    1. In the past I have drawn my machine quilting designs, attached it to the top of my sandwiched quilt and stitched on the drawn lines. Next you tear away the paper. The annoying thing is the little bits of paper that can get trapped in the stitches. This time I drew my designs with a thin Sharpie on the paper so I could see the lines and attached it to the underside of the top and stitched with Vanish Lite, the water soluble thread from Superior. Then when I sandwiched the quilt I stitched over the White Vanish Lite with the blue thread that I had chosen for my machine quilting. I removed the paper and did not care a hoot about the little bits that were trapped in the stitches because they are on the underside. The other advantage of stitching with the soluble thread is that you get to practice your quilting before you actually do it with the real thread. I need to remove the thread with some warm water. I may try spritzing it, but I may need to soak it. When I mentioned the cutting in my post I was referring to the thread cutter on my Bernina B780. It works wonderfully. I was cutting the Vanish Lite thread as I stitched the quilting design. So nice to hear from you. I mentioned OMG to my sister Paula. She posted as well. OMG is such a grand plan.

    2. The leather foot allows you to free motion machine quilt with the feed dogs up. You can follow your markings with the edge of the rolling foot. I set the needle right next to the roller wheel and have at it. You can see your markings so well and since the feed dogs are up your stitches are very even.