Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hedgehogs ready for quilting

Today I added leaves and silk ribbon violets along with the rest of the ferns.  It is sandwiched and ready for quilting.  I actually started to quilt, sat down on the couch to bury some threads and realized that I needed to do the silk ribbon flowers to hide the knots and ribbons ends inside.  I'm glad I had a light bulb moment before I needed to unstitch.  I would be quilting now but I ran out of energy.  I need a nap.  I ran out of the purple 7mm silk so I used some cream for a few flowers.  I'm glad I ran out.  I like that there are two colours.  Looks like this can be finished tomorrow.  I am well pleased with the outcome.  I pleated the leaves of the violets and they puff up like little mounds.  I folded each leaf and sewed the pleat to the top, then I tacked each leaf with three stitches at the ends of the veins. I used gold DMC 5WT to make 3 french knots in the centers of the flowers.  When I first stitched the nasturtium leaves by couching the veins, they were flat.  Now that I have been manipulating the quilt to embroider the flowers, the leaves have curled up a bit.  I like the dimension and the texture of this quilt. As usual I have forgotten to make a label and a hanging sleeve.  I will deal with that tomorrow.  Next up is the quiltmania mystery quilt.  Next week I head back to Delaware to get my furnace fixed and check on my house.  I will resupply my UFO's to bring up north.  I think I will leave my Bernina here and quilt on the Tiara while I'm home.  Now to nap.  

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  1. Looks wonderful! I can hardly wait to see it in person.