Friday, December 30, 2016

Rami Kim Side Borders

 I am working on the side borders.  I have used iron on stabilizer on the back of my fabric to support the embroidery stitches.  Another nice thing about the stabilizer is that one can mark so your stitching is more consistent.  I also like that I can bury the ends between the stabilizer and the fabric for a nice finish.
 I am using Sue Spargo's Creative Stitching and Creative Texturing as well as Judith Baker Montano Elegant Stitches.  I love these small spiral bound books.  It is so convenient to lie open while you follow stitch diagrams.  I like Sue Spargo's photos and the Quilt Combination section which shows how to combine different stitches together.
 Sue Spargo explains the types of needles needed for success.
She suggested using Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle Thread from Superior Threads when using a Scroll Stitch for edging.  I quite like the result.
I used Purple, Blue, Red, Green and Gold around these blossoms.  
Bullion knots are quite a bit easier to do with a milliners needle.  I was using an applique needle because it is so much shorter than a milliners and I was trying to conserve thread.  I switched to a milliners needle and it sped up the process a ton.  I should listen to the experts.
The beak of the bird blends in quite a bit.  I am trying to think of an idea.  Maybe I will edge stitch this bird as well.  What do you think?  I will add a few more trinkets but I need to do the quilting first. Next I will work on the top and bottom borders.  

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