Saturday, March 26, 2016


I was reading a book about mythology this morning.  The chapter was discussing the difference between myth and religion and the impact they have on our lives.  My mind veered off course to contemplate important facets of my life.  Quilting is one of them.  Yes, it is a pastime, but it is more.  I went to college and declared government my major for I dreamed of going to law school.  This never happened. Lack of funds, marriage, children, family responsibilities led my life in a different direction.  Decades later I now have the luxury to spend much of my time as I choose sans obligations.   Much of that time is spent in quilting pursuits.  It allows me to be creative and gives my life a purpose and structure.  I have heard of people who have retired and gone back to work because they are bored.  If I get a job in the future it will be because I need the money, not because I am bored.  I am a quilter now.

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