Saturday, April 30, 2016

April OMG Not Again

I have made great progress on my March/April/now May OMG.  I have been diligently stitching, but alas, there are only a few hours left in the day.  It will not get done by the deadline.  I will stitch on and enjoy the process.  The wonderfulness about OMG is celebrating that which you have accomplished and the knowledge that there is no penalty for the failed attempt.  I have some more leaves and vine to applique and some 3D flowers to make for the corners after I attach the borders to the quilt center.  Then comes the quilting and fun.


  1. I'm on month two for my current goal...but I don't expect to get the total quilt done for months...just the top for now.

  2. Progress is progress, always a win and especially when hand-stitching!
    Half-way through the month already -- yikes!