Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wooly Block 2016

 Yesterday was a travel day.  I was returning from New Hampshire with a stop at my sisters for an evening of stitching and decided to collect some wooly block patterns in New York to add to the one I have from DE.  It rained all the way through Massachusetts but began to clear when I hit the New York border. First I stopped in Selkirk near Albany for a log cabin house block from Log Cabin Fabrics.  The photo pales in comparison to the sample block in the store.  I decided that I would look for some brights to collect for the cover quilt on Quiltmania Simply Moderne.
I hit the road again and headed for Utica to Tiger Lily Quilts which was less that two hours away.  When I got off at my exit and entered the city, I worried that I should have checked on parking before I went on this adventure.  I was worried that I would be looking for non-existent spot at a parking meter or that I would have to parallel park.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the shop was a part of a collection of businesses that had a large parking lot.  Whoopee!!
I went inside to pick up the barn block with the whacky birds and found these displayed. 

These blocks are amazing and I love the little nine patch setting.  I understand that the designers have a story to go with each of the blocks.  The proprietor told me that the husband and wife team were planning on a dozen blocks and now have around 32.  I can not take the class they are offering, but I left my name and contact info for the kits that are soon to follow.  I also picked up some more brights.
 While making my purchases, I asked the sales clerk if she knew how far it was to Hammondsport, NY.  I was worried that the shop would be closed before I got there. She suggested I call.  She said that sometimes shops are not open for retail but that classes are being held and someone might still be there.  I called Fiber Arts Emporium and told them of my concern.  The owner told me that she would wait at the store until I got there.  Wow! That's customer service.  My GPS indicated that it would take me just under three hours to get there.  The interstate took me west but then I got off and traveled south on local roads.  I passed some wonderful scenery.  There was a lake near Geneva with some impressive houses lakeside and lots of wineries.  As I go closer there was Lake Keuka.  I have no idea how to pronounce that.  I passed by more wineries and lots of lakeside vacation rentals and some black and white sheep frolicking in a pasture.  One of the owners was there waiting for me.  I loved her Texas accent.  She told me she was from Dallas and was headed there for a visit soon.  She told me that someone had come in a hour before asking for a wooly block.  She initially thought that customer was the one who had called but soon determined that was not the case.    
Again I looked for some brights.  There had a bin of hunks of fabric that I rifled through. I got a couple fat quarters that were on sale and some squares.
Now back to Delaware.  It was another six hours from the Emporium to home but I had a good audio book and did not anticipate that the traffic would be bad that time of day. At the outset I had been reluctant to start this adventure.  I was not sure I was feeling well enough to handle such a long travel day.  I am so glad I did.  I need to get a couple more blocks to meet the Wooly Block 2016 Challenge specifications.  Now I rest and stitch and think about unloading the car.

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  1. What a fabulous adventure. I wish I could have joined you. Now you will be rewarded with some stitching time. I especially loved those birds with the fabulous nine patch setting :)