Friday, May 13, 2016

Blooms for Julie Update

I really think I may be able to finish the borders of this quilt this month to meet my May OMG.  I just need 20 dimensional flowers and 8 small leaves and the applique will be finished.  My sister suggested that I big stitch for the quilting.  I think that is a fabulous idea.  I will start looking for thread and the quilting will be my June goal.  I must make the backing for this quilt.  I bought the striped fabric featured in the center years ago.  They were in a clearance priced quilt kit.  (I bought 3 kits.) I really liked the quilt pattern, but was buying the fabric for its bargain basement pricing.  This should be very satisfying.  To use the fabric I bought so many years ago to such a great purpose.  This is a change of plan.  I actually bought a white with grey back for Blooms for Julie from BackSide Fabrics.  I buy wide back remnants because you get first quality fabric for so much less.  To estimate the price I multiply the yardage by 2.5 and divide by the price.  Most of the time I get the fabric for $2 -$5 a yard.  They are great for neutral backgrounds.  I am collecting fabrics for a cover quilt on Simply Moderne issue 4 (the wool applique house quilt).  I went to BackSide to look for a potential background for that quilt.  The directions call for a mauve piece that is 56 inches square.  I decided that I did not want to piece the background so I went looking for a wide back.  I bought 2 yards of Tula Pink's Orchid Free Fall that was in the Blow Out Clearance.  I have admired that fabric for sometime, but had no idea what to do with those 4 inch polka dots.  I am going to audition it for this quilt.  (If it does not work for the front, it will be on the back of this quilt.)   The white with grey fabric that I bought for Blooms for Julie may get dyed mauve this summer if the polka dots are too much.  More fun in quilting this summer.  

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