Sunday, May 15, 2016

Peek-A-Boo Baby Quilt

I bought these quilt clips after a visit to my sister's.  We had sandwiched a quilt together by first using some quilt clamps.  They worked so well.  I wanted to be able to do that.  My table edge is much wider than my sister's so the clamps would not have opened wide enough.  I had purchased many many moons ago these quilt clips.  I had a few and my mother had a couple more that she had given me.  Back in the day you would roll your quilt and use bicycle clips to help you manage the bulk of your quilt while machine quilting.  They did not work so well.  These quilt clips worked a bit better because they were flat on the bottom, were a tighter clip and did not fall off so readily.  When I discovered that the clips could actually secure my quilt to my table, I searched to see if anyone still sold this product.  I smiled when I found a vendor who described them as "vintage" quilting supplies.  They were inexpensive so I invested in enough to make it around my table.  I will get to pinning with my pinmoors and T-pins.  This quilt should be done real soon.

This quilt is for a special couple, my niece and her wife.  The pattern is from Quiltmaker Classics Volume 1 Summer 2013.  Underneath the prairie points are an assortment of novelty prints. The quilt becomes a toy as well as a blanket.  My sister (brilliant and creative person that she is) suggested using a photo of the parents in place of the novelty print.  I found a picture on facebook of the parents to use.  The red fabric in this quilt was leftover from some curtains I made for my daughter's room and the blue fabric is leftover from a quilt I made for my son.  Go Gators! This quilt is all from stash.


  1. I love love LOVE it!! The fussy cut bugs are adorable.

    1. Thank you. I originally bought that green fabric for Aunt Millie but decided it was to cutesy so it went back in the stash. Now it has been put to good use.