Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Blooms for Julie OMG Progress

The 3-D flowers have fabric covered kurumi centers. Kurumi are plastic that gives dimension to one's projects.  They remind me of the covered buttons I used to make for clothing but they have not shanks or hasps.  The borders are on and now I am getting ready for the quilting.  I think I will do Big Stitch.  I have not done that before so this will be a new adventure. On to the next phase.


  1. Your floral work is really beautiful, and inspirational! Vinework is on my bucket list. I love the purple Hollyhocks! Never heard of Kurami,are they attached the same as applique? can't wait to see what you do with the big-stitch quilting!

    1. Thank you for your encouragements. My source for the Kurumi is www.pinwheels.com. I updated my blogpost with the link. I have made my purchases at quilt shows, but you could order online as well. The vendor also has some wonderful oakshots and makes all sorts of wonderful items. I am looking forward to the big stitch. My sister has given me a lap hoop for the endeavor.

    2. To use the kurumi I just stitch around a fabric circle and cinch it up (like you do for a yo-yo) around the kurumi and applique.