Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blooms Julie June Progress Report

 The ruler work odyssey begins.  I decided to follow the quilting plan in the project so I set about trying to find an S curved ruler but did not have one that would fit properly.  I made one out of foam core.  I chose a variegated beige-brown-gold  Fantastico Superior Thread #5001 which I put in both the top and the bobbin.  This quilt is a learning quilt- not a competition quilt- so I decided not to bury my stitches and to use the knot feature on my Bernina.  I am using the Westalee Ruler Foot with a Bernina adaptor.  My stitches were not wonderfully even so I thought I would use the on/off button instead of the presser foot.  My thinking was that since that speed is at a constant setting, I would only have to think about moving the quilt and the ruler about.  During my first effort the speed was too fast.  After slowing my roll my next attempts were also unsuccessful because I could not hold on to the ruler and push the button to stop the machine,

I was surprised that the quilting shows so little on the striped fabric.

I decided to use Sew Sassy 12 wt  on the white fabric in the center.  I tried using a #100 needle, Sew Sassy on the top and Bottomline on the bottom.  It did not work.  I tried Masterpiece as well.  It did not work.  Neither bobbin thread would capture the Sew Sassy and I was left with a loose piece of Sew Sassy on the top.  I decided that I would try to put the Sew Sassy in the bobbin.,,,after all I have not really used my red bobbin case yet.  Problem!!!  I had spent yesterday working with my ruler, a scanned printout of a section of my quilt inside of a sheet protector, my Quilter's Rule Tube Template Tester with a wet erase marker (wrapped with a bit of tape) inserted.  I  had a plan for my quilting using the Baby Long Neck Quilter's Rule Ruler.  The plan was based on positioning the ruler on the little grey squares,  If I am bobbin quilting, I cannot see those squares.  
New Plan.   I decided that I would use my spool of Superior Vanish Lite with my ruler.  New Problem. I do not have my Deely Bob or my Cone holder with me.  Solution?  After a bit of pondering I put my cone over a spool of monopoly.  I think this will work just fine.  I have made a small sample sandwich and will see if my plan works
My quilting adventures have focused on applique and piecing.  Now I am enjoying learning how to do the quilting in all sorts of ways.

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