Monday, October 17, 2016

First Adventures in Wool

I am working on the Buttermilk Basin table runner pattern.  I'm not sure about the spacing, but I am happy with the result.  I need to finish the embellishment but my buttons and such are at home.  I am thinking over my plan for the added stitching.  I have not decided whether to couch or not and I need to select the threads I will use.  I must also decide upon the quilting plan.  I am whip stitching the edges.  I think that will be my preferred goto.  I found that the wool in the kit was not so tightly woven.  Whip stitching allowed me to reign in the loose fibers. The stitch only went over one could not be more or the thread would show from the larger stitch.  I had some trouble reigning in the loose fibers while maintaining the shape.  The lip on the mouth of the moon almost disappeared because I was trying to corral the loose fibers.  I really like wool applique.  I also learned that I need to use more pins. I think I like the Karen Kay Buckley small pins better than my clover white head pins for this.  They kept the applique flatter because they are so thin.  They can get lost in the piece though.  Happy stitchin'.  I am a fan of wool applique!!

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