Friday, October 28, 2016

October OMG C'est fini !

October OMG is finished.  My first wool adventure was so much fun.  Thank you Paula for your encouragement to embark on projects in wool applique.  I learned that you need to use lots of pins to keep the applique flat.  My socks and bat are a little rippled because they were not well pinned.

First I big stitched the table runner. I had the binding mostly done and I realized that I had not put on a hanging sleeve and the quilt was not lying as flat as I would like, I took off the binding and removed the quilting.  I had been cleaning up my quilt bookcase when I found this candy corn free motion design that I had used on another Halloween quilt.  I switched up my quilting plan and fired up my Tiara.  I tried my new glide foot for the free motion.
I have not had the chance to quilt on the Tiara for quite a spell.  I am a novice.  I made a rookie mistake.  I put on the foot and thought that it was loose so I tightened it with a wrench.  In the process the needle no longer was aligned with the whole in the foot.  BIG OOPS!  I recovered.  My next challenge was to set the tension.  I had to loosen the bobbin tension a bit.  When I started working on my practice sandwich, there were skipped stitches so I started to adjust the top tension.  I had purchased this device to help with the top tension and did not really use it so I decided to remove it.  After I reassembled, the stitching was worse.  Hmmmm.  I took it apart again and put the tension monitor back on the machine.  Then went online to check the order of the parts to correctly reassemble the top tension assembly.  Could not find anything to help me.  I looked closely at this one part and noticed that one side was smooth and the other was grooved.  I matched it up this time correctly with the knurled knob and it stitched much better.  A few more passes on my practice sandwich and the tension was in fine shape.  I am not so good at free motion but I enjoyed stitching my candy corn motifs on my quilt.

  I am so enjoying learning the joys of the quilting part of the process.  The pattern called for using velvet on the hat.  I ordered a pieced of black  hand dyed cotton velvet but the color did not work well with the black wool so I used a piece of minky-like fabric instead.
I will be on the look out for a hunk of black velvet to have in my stash,  I think you have to see it in person to see if the color works.  I also finished 2 blocks from a Kathy Schmitz design.

Good month of finishes.

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