Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sew Spooky: The Other Side is completed

I am having trouble getting a good picture of the back of the quilt I pieced.  I was trying to be very careful with the measuring, but I was still surprised that all the pieces fit.  I am proud of myself for that result.  I am going to cut the black and grey stripe fabric that was used in the chevron border to  bind the quilt. I have 27 inches left of that fabric and if my calculations are correct I should have enough. 76+76+64+64=280 linear inches are needed plus some extra for the overlap.  (The front of the quilt is about 72 by 60 so it is actually 264 inches.  27 X 2.25= 60.75 square inches per strip. 280\27 = 10.37 strips rounded up to 11.  11 X 60.75= 668.25 square inches.  27 X 42=1134 square inches so I have enough.   am happy because I so like to used striped fabric cut on the bias for binding.  It looks like a barber pole.  I think it will work well with both sides so that is my next venture.  On to cut the binding.  I will use the Fons and Porter triangle trimmer for this.  I love this tool.  BFN M

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