Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cotton Picker

 The Cotton Picker is a favorite tool of mine.  Mostly I use it to remove errant threads from my sewing and quilting projects.  Today I am using it to rescue my wool.  I purchased some wool to use in an upcoming project.  I am a novice at wool work.  I separated my wools to prepare to felt it- lights, darks, mediums and brights.  The lights, darks and mediums went as anticipated.  The brights were a disaster.  The colors bled onto one another.  Here you see how the orange settled on the green.  All of my brights looked muddied and no longer bright.  Here comes Cotton Picker to my rescue.  I drug the Cotton Picker across the surface of the wool and the muddied fibers came off.

Above is the before and below is the after.  I think it is a marked improvement and makes this piece of wool usable.  Hooray for the Cotton Picker.   

The piece is not so bright anymore but I am happy with it.  I learned a lesson about separating colors.  Each bright needs to be felted by its lone.  

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