Monday, September 19, 2016

Stovetop Felting

Here is my plan to felt my brights.  I have a modern washing machine.  Unfortunately that means for my machine that the washer controls the cycles and not me.  The only way to get the hottest water is to use the sanitize cycle which takes more that two and a half hours.  That is much too long for individually felting small pieces of wool.  I know to felt you need soap, agitation and heat.  I put measured amounts of water in my pots added a measured amount of Synthrapol and boiled on my stovetop.  How long?  I was not sure about the time.  My regular cycle is about 45 minutes which includes time to fill, drain, and spin.  I settled on 23 minutes.  This is because my washer does have a rinse and spin cycle that takes 23 minutes.  I boil the wool then dump the pot with the wool and the boiling water into my machine and let the machine finish the job.  Today I will finish felting my brights for Round the Garden and hopefully finish stitching Blooms for Julie.

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