Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gyleen Mystery Quilt

Clue 1 of Gyleen Fitzgerald's Mystery Quilt was a lot of fun.  I found a lime green fabric with stars that I had been wanting to use up and it seemed to fit the criteria for the soloist for this quilt.

I  cut some polka dots for nine patches for Clue 2, but decided that Gyleen's were much lighter than my selections so I rejected them and found dotted white fabric.

I started next on the bricks for Clue 3.  I went to my patch box and decided to use some more of the blue with brown patches.  I grabbed four square patches and cut them in half for the centers of the bricks.  I soon realized that they were a half an inch too short.  I should have read the directions more carefully.  To make my 5 by 2.5 patches wider, I stacked them in a random staggered fashion and sliced them at a 45 degree angle.  I inserted a piece of brown with blue fabric that was from the same fabric line as the blue with brown and sewed in an extra piece.  With some more leftovers from another project I made my bricks.

There is one patch in Clue one that I think is too dark.  Hmmmm?????   Then I packed my bags and headed to up north.  I brought my scraps to my sister's house.  She has a new Accuquilt Go Big.  I had a cutting party that lasted several days and I refilled my patch box.  I continued my journey to NH to spend some time with my mother. 
For Clue 4 I decided to use the polka dots that I had rejected for Clue 2.  I struggled with the fabric selection for 4 patches.  I had wanted to use some more of the blue with brown patches that I had used in Clue 1.  They were looking like goal posts.  I decided to wait until clue 5 was released. Uh Oh! I should have known more bricks were in the works but I am at my mother's and my stash is in DE.  Hmmm.  When I had my cutting party at my sister's, I did decide not to cut this leftover miss cut border strip of pin dot that was left over from a quilt made 40 years ago.  That with some patches from my patch box became my bricks for Clue 6.  
I also made a couple dark nine patches.  I still do not have something for my 4 patches.  I decided to take it off the design wall so I can use something from my stash.  I also decided to replace that one patch from clue 1 that I decided was just too dark.  I replaced a purple patch with a peach one.  So far so good and so much fun. I still do not have my four patches made.  What to do?  

I have to pack it up because OMG I need to finish my project for the one monthly goal at Red Letter Quilts.  I think I need to look in my stash to finish Bricks, Cobblestones and Pebbles.  I do not have anything with me for the 24 bricks that must be going in the next round. The biggest patches in my box are only 6.5 inches.

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