Friday, February 12, 2016

On to Block 4

Many moons ago I spent some time selecting the fabrics for the backgrounds of my House Blocks and a selection of fabrics that I may choose for the rest.  I banded them together in rubber bands but failed to record on the bundles which group was meant for which block.  At first I was annoyed with myself because I needed to decide again what was what  Then I realized it was an opportunity to enjoy again the fabric choice part of the process.  Remember to find pleasure in the process.  I made my background choices for Block 4.

 Then I went through my fabrics, cut out some pattern pieces and choose fabric for the houses and stored them in plastic bags.
I was marking my pieces to reverse applique the windows.  I decided to use some fray check on the second house.  I am impatient so I grabbed the iron to dry my dots of fray check.  We all know what happens when one irons Frixion Pen markings.  Oh well, time  to remark my windows.  I keep wondering why people don't pronounce the name of that pen like I do.... "friction".  I believe that was the manufacturer's intention as friction either created by rubbing or heat erases the pen marks. Hmmmm.  

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