Friday, February 26, 2016

OMG! The Block is not done!

 Thanks to Liuxin Newman, the ThimbleLady, I can make an applique a scant eighth of an inch in width which is what I needed for the lamp post on this block.  I haven't decided on which fabric to use for the globes so I will come back to this later.
Today my order from arrived. I look forward to working on Katja Marek's Hexagon quilt at some point.  Unexpectedly I had received an email that I was receiving an $8 refund.  Since one of the items in the order coincidentally cost that amount I thought that perhaps the item was backordered or worse, oh no, no longer available.  That was not the case at all.  There was a handwritten note on the invoice that I would be charged $8 less for shipping and handling.  Wow!  They actually only charged me the actual shipping costs.  They are a great company.  I highly encourage people to purchase their EPP supplies from Paper Pieces of Paducah KY.  
This is my reject for the wall of the church.  I drew the windows on the right side of the fabric with a Frixion pen.  Cut the opening, placed the window fabric underneath and stitched.  The drawn lines were ruler straight. When it was done the bottom edges of the windows were all slanted.  I decided that once I cut into the fabric and stitched, I must have stretched the bias.  I don't quite know how to prevent that when reverse appliqueing something.  Hmmm.  Next time I may starch the fabric to help control the bias, but of course I will have to starch and iron before I draw with the Frixion pen.  I will have to do some reading to find more about reverse applique techniques.  I did unstitch and reuse the little patches I used for the windows to redo this part of the church.
The buildings are now all stitched.  Chances are I may finish this block in time to meet my OMG.  It is still questionable but more likely than not at this point.  Whew.

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