Saturday, February 20, 2016

Say OOPS I did it AGAIN!

I was finishing the house on the right and I decided to remove the Frixion pen marks on the edges of the windows.  I got out my iron and then...........OH NOOOOOO!! I forgot about the Frixion pen on the back for the back basting.  I need a sticky note or some other notification device that says STOP DO NOT IRON.  I had to get out my light box, which is a piece of Plexiglass that I lay on top of some under counter florescent light fixtures, and I had to redraw the section that the heat friction took out.  When I had originally drawn  the reverse image on the back of the fabric, I had not drawn in all the details.  My thinking at the time was that the houses would be created separately and that I just needed their placement and not all the details.  My goof gave me a chance to draw in the details.  I had better get a move on finishing this block.  OMG!! There is not much time left in the month to finish my goal.

I have been distracted with other projects.  I just ordered some templates from to make Katja Matek's quilt.  I have to stay focused and not dream about new projects before I get the current ones done.  

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