Wednesday, July 27, 2016

April block with Baked Pear/Peacherine Goat Cheese Salad

 I grabbed 3 different greens from my scrap box.  The nice thing about pulling from the scrap box is that the cutting is done or almost done.  I made the flying geese units out of the darkest green, the rectangles were out of the lightest green and I used a medium green with a little flower in the 4 patches. I added a fat quarter  for the backing and binding and another scrap of green for the hanging sleeve.  I here is the April block.
In the spirit of this month's blog hop that I have been following, I added a recipe.  Here is a Baked Pear/Peacharine salad I made for lunch for my mother and I.
My mother had spent a week at my sister's in PA and came home with a collection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Step 1.  Melt some butter in the microwave. Toss walnuts seeds in the butter, scoop out with slotted spoon then toss the pumpkin seeds in the butter. Roast walnuts and pumpkin seeds in 450 degree oven for 5-7 minutes.  I drizzled some honey on the walnuts and added some bacon crumbs to the pumpkin seeds, then popped it back in the oven for another couple of minutes. Set aside.

Step 2.  While the toasting was happening I halved and pitted a peacherine (something I had never heard of before), a red pear  and and an avocado.  I sliced the avocado and slivered some fresh ginger and put the pieces in the cavity of the fruit.  I drizzled some onion flavored olive oil which was  spicy hot on the fruit.  I filled the cavity with some goat cheese and sprinkled it with thyme. Pop the cheese filled fruit in the oven for 20 minutes.

Step 3.  While the fruit was baking I put some baby romaine in a bowl, added some chopped green pepper, small cauliflower pieces, dried cherry infused cranberries, chopped celery, chopped honey walnuts, and bacon crumbed pumpkin seeds.  I drizzled some honey ginger flavored balsamic vinegar over the lot and tossed.

Step 4.  The fruit had a couple more minutes to go.  When I looked in the fridge, there were some hard boiled eggs.  I decided to make a deviled egg.  I halved the egg and to the smashed yolk I added some of those bacon crumbs, a smidgen of honey mustard, and some of that honey-ginger balsamic.  It looked a little dry so i added a little sweet relish and filled the eggs.

Step 5.  I divided the  tossed greens in 2 dishes topped them with the fruit from the oven, the sliced avocado. and the deviled egg.  I topped the cheese with  whole walnuts that I had set aside.

To me the red pear was better than the peacherine.  With the random slivers of ginger, you sometimes tasted the ginger and sometimes not.  I quite liked that all bites were not the same.  It was a good lunch.  Everything was done in less than a half and hour.

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