Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kathy Schmitz Calendar Blocks

 I am contemplating what quilting to do on the Kathy Schmitz calendar blocks.  I am using the blue print as the back so I first have to select thread.  I recently read a blurb from Superior about monopoly and BottomLine thread.  I know that the monopoly has a sheen that one can find objectionable while BottomLine comes in many colors that can blend when you do not want the stitching to show up.  I had a Masterpiece blue  and a BottomLine blue that I potentially would use.  I was having tension issues when I was piecing with a combo of Masterpiece and Bottom line to create the block so I decided to use a beige BottomLine on the top and a blue in the bottom.
 I think the combo worked very well.

 I stitched using the number 37 foot and the feed dogs engaged.  I stitched around the snowman, next to the running stitches on the clock, around the house and the large bird.  On to another month.

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  1. That looks super! I need to work on those calendar quilts too (giggle)