Monday, July 4, 2016

Big Stitch: First Steps

 Tools for center quilting:  Leather roller foot #55, Roxannes Quilter's Choice pencil and medium Kurumi.
 I traced around the Kurumi with a white pencil and stitched over the line with the roller foot.  Then it was on to the new adventure:  Big Stitching.
 Tools for Big Stitching:  Hera marker ( I started with Roxanne's Quilter's Choice silver Pencil but I switched after I flummoxed my first markings), number 7 embroidery needle, needle puller on my thumb, snippers, Fons and Porter's pin cushion, leather thimble for my underneath finger, hoop and 12 wt. grey Sew Sassy.
 When I get to the applique pieces I rock my needle so that it does not pierce the applique but still catches the fabric and batting from the backside.
 I basted the top edged of the quilt using Vanish Lite so that I could tell where the edge of the back is from the front side.  My hope is that I can line up my binding on that line and use it for a guide for my big stitch.
 The grey Sew Sassy does not stand out as much as I thought it would.  The project directions calls for stitching around all the applique before doing the curved stitching...but that was assuming you fused the appliqued,  I needle turned mine so I think I will not do that.  I may add some embroidery.  Who knows?  Hmmmm...That's a decision for later.

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