Friday, July 1, 2016

Phase Two Quilt As Desired: July OMG

I have finished quilting over the Vanish Lite around the little grey squares.  Using the roller foot allows one to take advantage of the feed dogs while quilting to achieve stitching that is quite even.  I chose to set my stitch length to 3.  I also decided to use the Fantastico #5001 knowing that I would see the gold show up on the top.  Here is my stitching so far.  My July OMG goal will be to finish quilting this quilt.  I have the embellishment of the swirls and the big stitch quilting in the borders yet to go.  I do not have my hoop with me at the moment.  Oops.  I hope I have enough Fantastico left to accomplish this goal.  Otherwise It will be another month that I did not meet my goal.  I am a Superior Thread Club member so I get free shipping as long as it comes with my club order.  If I need more, it will have to wait until my club order arrives. I may not get it in time to meet my goal.  DUN..dun...DUN..dun..DUN..dun...Oh the suspense.  Back to my bobbin quilting.  I need to figure out whether I want to mark my embellishments or if I will free motion....Hmmmm....The great lesson of this quilt is to learn that Quilt as Desired is so much fun!!!

I think this 12 wt Sew Sassy really puffed up nicely.  I think I still have space to embellish around this.  
Here is the first embellished motif.  I stitched using my leather roller foot after I marked with my Bohin pencil with a white lead using Kurumi to trace around.  I like the result so I will continue this process.  If I run out of the gold Fantastico, maybe I will just switch to a red one.  

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