Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Sister

 Another use for these great clips.  I usually use them for binding but I have used them for pinning, keeping pieces together and so much more.  Here I am weaving fabric tubes to make a basket for a wall quilt.
 The quilt directions did not make a basket that could hold anything so I reconfigured this one so that it can actually hold things.  Maybe cards or receipts or kitchen tools.
 I did a little free motion quilting and a little ditch stitching and this quilt is ready to be a birthday present for my sister.
I did make a label by using my home made light box and traced over the lettering that I had printed from my computer.  This year I am working on my UFO's.  This falls into this category because I bought the pattern decades ago.  Now I feel I have not wasted that purchase.  I got some curtain hardware and some of those hooks that can be removed without marring the wall. I rolled it up and  tied it with a fabric scrap.  I hope she likes it.  I had fun making it.  The leaves are much more pronounced that I had anticipated.  The blue/green fabrics look more blue than green but I still like the result.  On to my next. project.  I am getting a stitchery project ready to go because I have jury duty and I want to be prepared to have a portable project on which to work.

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